Your Three Legged Stool only have two legs!

A man once shared some wisdom with me, that I haven't forgotten.

He said: "A man needs three places to go. his family, his Work, and his Church. And that is why working for the Church you need to find that third place because work and Church become one place."

I never forgot the rule of three. Once I applied it, and realized that I need a third place, my life improved tremendously.

I felt an inner calm, less stress, less anxiety, more peace, more purposefulness in life.

And No, that third place was not a "den of iniquity." I know what you are thinking.

Instead I found a community of exercise enthusiasts. And that became my third place.

Which brings to Kick in the Faith.

There are three relationships which we must consistently be tending; relationship with God, relationship with yourself, and relationship with others.

Most believers often focus on God and forget about the rest. I call this the "Jesus and me, and to hell with thee" people.

Then there are the "save the others" who are so busy "doing God's work" they forget God.

And finally the "work on myself" people who focus on their own growth and don't realize that God is ultimately a part of that, and they will only grow in encounters with others.

Most people will focus on two.

And so the challenge is, to know where you currently focus and then slowly begin to shift that focus to include the other leg of your relationship stool.

Jesus did say: "Love your Neighbor as yourself." Which means "to the same degree" as yourself. And of course if you read The Word, then you will realize that this comes directly after his talk on loving God.

Take a look at your three relationships. Where do you feel the strongest? Where do you need some work?


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