You don't have any room.

What's the difference between having room and making room?

Reflecting on this during Advent, I realized there's a big difference.

People make room for what they want. We make room in our lives, our schedules, our homes or relationships. We make room for that which we want.

We say we don't have room when it comes to things we don't want.

"I don't have time."

You're right, you don't "have time." But you can "make time."

I want to pray more but I just can't find the time. Right. So go make the time.

The beauty of Advent is that it is about making room. And in today's world where time is king, it's about making time, not having time. Make time for being the person God wants you to be.

Make time for being present to your kids.

Make time for silence in your life.

Make time for you.

Make time.


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