Whatcha buying this Black Friday?

Let’s face it, Black Friday is a “thing.” For some of you it’s an abomination, for others it a chance to get “into the Christmas spirit.” Whatever it may be for you, I’ll have you consider a few things.

There are some on the moral high road that look down on Black Friday and focus on the consumerism and all the unnecessary shopping etc. And there is a good point to that.

I’ll offer you this, what about being an intentional Black Friday shopper?

Why not use the low prices as an advantage to improve your life?

How do you do this?

Step 1: Evaluate your life. What are some to the things you’ve been wanting in you life, or wanting to get for you loved ones, etc?

Step 2: Evaluate HOW this thing will improve your life? How long do you see that happening?

Step 3: Find that Black Friday deal and get it.

It’s that simple.

It’s called intentional shopping. You are slowing down, not getting sucked into the frenzy of the deal and thinking about what you would like to purchase for yourself or others.

Yes, I did this.

As the deals came out, I just purchased a new tv. Did I NEED a new tv?


As a matter of fact the old tv works well and serves it purpose.


This past year, my son talked about smart tv’s and all this technical stuff that makes the picture look better. And after window shopping a lot, I see what he means.

With much consideration, checking out tv pictures, looking at how long I had my old tv, and seeing a host of unseen benefits…I pulled the trigger and joined the Black Friday frenzy and got a new tv.

It was then that I shopped price because I already knew the value it would bring to me.

That is the key to good money stewardship.

Think value over price.

I’ll get into this more. But for now, as you enjoy this Holiday weekend…Consider how you can shift your money mindset to think value over price.


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