Scared of my new Crockpot

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

If you missed my live video one FB...fear not. I'll recap it for you, and then you can watch the video.

So I got new Crockpot...2 weeks ago. And it is still in the box. In fact, I used the old crockpot last night to make chicken. So why is the crockpot still in the box? It got me thinking about change, habits and doing life the way we do it.

Change is difficult. Even opening up a new an improved crockpot that puts the old one to shame... yet I realized that the old is familiar, and I know what I'm getting. Kinda like the old adage "the devil you know is better than the one you don't know." But I "know" that new crockpot is way better. It has amazing capabilities that OC (old crockpot) doesn't handles on the side that are not broken.

Yet the emotional attachment to the pain of the OC is more than the pleasure of the possibility of NC (New Crockpot).

Kinda like life. We hang on to the pain of where we are instead of going for new possibility in life. And this my friends, is why growth is so uncomfortable. We mentally know where we want to be, yet our emotional state, creates stories in our head that hold us back. We justify our pain with our stories.

There's a great story in the bible about that...A woman turns to a pillar of salt...

But you have to go watch my video for a deeper dive into that one.

But for now, consider the crockpots in your life, and why have you still not unboxed the new one that is waiting for you.

Love God, Love your family, Lead on!


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