Quit feeling Thankful

Thanksgiving 2019

The readings for Mass today talk about the proverbial 10 lepers. You know, Jesus heals 10 and only one comes back to say thank you.

Back in the day, I assumed that those 9 were not really thankful. But now I think different. I realized that I misjudged those nine.

What if they were thankful? What if they actually went away feeling grateful and thankful for the healing? And...

What if that was as far as it went. They only has feelings of gratitude. They failed to act on it. They failed to appropriate that gratitude into their being.

On the surface on can sit today and bring up feelings of thankfulness, can work to BE thankful. Take those feelings of gratitude and move them inside so that they become part of who you are; a part of your normal operating system.

That's what the One did. He appropriated those feelings and made it a part of who he was, and thus his actions of going back to Jesus to express that feelings were a reflection of who he became.

Consider today, how you can move a step closer to be grateful.

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