Kick Butt and take Names!

Everyone loves and action hero. You know, the guy who kicks butt and takes names. The one who has that swag of confidence of knowing he's surrounded by tough guys but he is the baddest of the bad. If you are following the Church year here in 2019, then you know this is the feast of some major butt kicking. That's right. It's the celebration of Christ the King. As a child I overlooked this feast and because my mind was on Christmas and I knew I had to endure Advent and get through that. So I couldn't fully appreciate what we had going on here.

As I got older, and the problems of life pressed on, bother personally, and worldly, I began to see that the things that seemed so overwhelming, so evil, so oppressive will have an end. And that is what the Church celebrates. Jesus coming and putting an end to all the bullcrap in the world and establishing His kingdom definitively.

When everyone tells you that the world is going to hell in a hand basket, and it seem like you are spiritually up a creek without a paddle, and you can't stop this train wreck... remember.... we, the Church, celebrate the fact that Jesus is coming to kick butt and take names.

So Happy Feast of Christ the King ya'll.


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