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See 3 in Everyday Life

Father. Son. Holy Spirit.

Body. Mind. Spirit.

Inspire. Encourage. Challenge.


It's pretty cool when things come together. As a product of Catholic education, I was taught the concept of the Holy Trinity, 3 in 1.

Then as my journey into the marital arts began I was introduced to the concept of mind, body, spirit.

And if that was not enough, in my biblical studies, I learned that the number 3 was the number that symbolized perfection.

And that got me thinking.

I started noticing 3's everywhere.

The Three days of Triduum.

Three Musketeers

The Holy Family (Jesus, Mary and Joseph)

Which by the way, sound very incomplete when yelling out "Jesus and Mary."

Three Amigos

Three sides of a Triangle...

But I digress.

What fascinated me is the concept of completeness, and fullness. Using the Holy Trinity as my starting place (not a bad place to start either, I'd say), I began looking for threes in life, and how three's brought completeness.

In the Martial Arts one the fullness of expression of technique lies in the unity of the Body, mind, and spirit. When this is achieve, it is called "no mind" or in psychology: subconscious.

The body expresses itself with intention (mind) and energy (spirit) without thinking...purely subconsciously. This is the perfection of the martial arts.

All of creation reflects the Holy Trinity who is our source of being and so it only makes sense that sets of threes are all over the place.

Which brings to the point of this website.

Looking at what "Kick in the Faith" is supposed to be about, I realized that to be happy and successful one must focus on 3 key relationships:

Relationship with God

Relationship with Self

Relationship with Others.

And personally, I find it my mission to do 3 things in these areas.

My mission is to Inspire, Encourage, and Challenge you to grow deeper, more skilled, knowledgeable in these 3 relationships.

Welcome to Kick in the Faith and in our journey together we will dive into these three key areas from various perspectives to provide you with tools, thoughts, and skills the help you integrate your 3 relationships successful in your life.

As the late great Bruce Lee said: "Take what is useful and discard the rest."

You thought I was going to quote some saint or pope. I'll save that for next time.

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