All because of a Weight Vest

Last weekend, I was heading to the wings booth, at our parish festival. Yes, that's my yearly indulgence, with a funnel cake to add. But I digress. I was stopped mid chicken wing mission, my a young father, who proudly, was one of my students many years back. He's has a nice career and moving upward in his career as a first responder. He told me he caught listened to one of my Facebook Videos Click Here to Check it out (after admittedly lurking for some time). But what to his attention was the weight vest I was wearing for my walk.

He went on to tell me that what I shared was not earth shattering (a blow to my ego). However, what he took away was that he was the leader in his house, and it was his job to teach his children how to think. You heard me, HOW TO THINK. Not WHAT....but HOW....

This important parent leadership principle gets lost in society to day, and guess what, if you don't teach your children how to think, someone else will. This guy has a great head on his shoulders, he is moving up in his career, he's a solid family guy...and just that little bit of perspective. Teaching his children HOW to think...was all the Kick he needed!

Love God, Love your Family, Lead on!


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