5 Days in... 2020... WYA?

Where you all at? It's been 5 days of 2020 and the hype of new goals, targets, outcomes, (whatever you want to call them) is starting to wear off. Faced with a sinus infection, slight cold was not factored in when I got hyped up about all the new physical activity I was to undertake this year. So where you at?

It's 5 day in...

And so the hype may fade but does your resolve? Does your dream or vision of who you will be at the end of this year if you maintain your goals, outcomes, targets? As I've struggled with the stuff I was to do to achieve my goals...I kept focus on my vision of myself, and my why. Even when not "feeling well" I can take time to reflect, mediate and think about my vision.

Weekly visioning is huge. Daily is better. Keep your why in front of you. Keep you vision in front of you. Don't let a week go by without recommitting yourself to what you promised you.


Maybe that is why God tells us to go to Mass each week... Hmmm..... Until then...

Keep the vision and do the work!


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