44 Days In and...

New Year's Day has come and gone. So has January for that matter. And the Super Bowl, Daytona 500 are behind us. Heck, we are almost through February.

We are 44 days into the new year at the time of this writing.

The question remains: Where are you? Wave you stayed with your New years resolutions? Have you fallen off?

What are you doing today to keep moving toward your goals?

If you are like most people, the emotions of a new life and new accomplishments have died down. You may have been drawn into the daily routine of life without changing your habits. So in the beginning of the New year, I was resolute, committed and determined to implement a regular workout program. I was hyped. Excited. This was the year, the new decade to change physically.

The reality: I was sick and could not workout rigorously and consequently my first day of good training in 2020 was on January 16! Sixteen days of being out and not hitting it hard like I was so eager to do.

To compound this setback.... In February I was down and out for about seven days! Sick again. And yes, it was easy to give in to negativity and thoughts of giving up and just forgetting about it. It was easy to let life take me where it was going.

But mentally I was determined. I was committed. And am still committed.

It's forty-four days in and I am still chasing my goals.

The point is that life will come at you with unexpected twists and turns that can throw you off (mentally)...if you choose to let it.

But I say, stay the course. If your resolve has desolved, and your passion has passed. Find it. Start again today. Renew your vision, find your dream and get after what you wanted back on January 1.

This is not not some "motivational" hype. Hype won't do. It's the reality that you have the power of choice to either stay the course or let the course stay you.

Forty-Fours days in...Where are you?


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