4 Things You Need to Consider in the New Year (Part 1)

There is something exciting about the end of the calendar year, and the coming new year.

The feeling of wrapping up a year's worth of life, and the anticipation of all the cool things to come in the next year is really magical feeling.

In fact, it has become my personal tradition to go into deep reflection mode between Christmas and New Years.

This reflection time helps me to see where I am at, what is important to me, where I need to course correct, and to lay out new "goals" targets for the coming year.

As I look to 2020 and decided who I am to become... I consider 4 areas of life:

1. Relationship with God - This is the foundation for all the other areas because.... Well, you know. If you miss this, then you kinda missed the whole point of life.

My foundational goals in this are is: Mass each week (52 times a year) plus HoDOO (Holy Days Of Obligation. Celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation at least monthly (12x minimum for the coming year).

This is the foundational non-negotiable base from which all Kickers need to start. (If you aren't Catholic, then get your butt to your church each week).

From there, I'll assess where I need to grow.

It may be I need to do more things for my brothers and sisters in the world


I need to spend more time with God in prayer


I may need grow intellectually about God, so I will commit to study Scripture, the saints, Theology, do spiritual reading, fast one day a week, etc.

Then I decided if it will be a weekly commitment, daily monthly etc. (Don't go too crazy here). Choose something that you will commit to, make you stretch but won't overwhelm you.

Years ago, I choose to attend one extra Mass each week, and pray a rosary each week. (One round for all you hard core rosary prayers). That means I could spread out the decades each day or say it all at once. Simple enough but it took effort to adjust this to my schedule.

The point being, is that it was an intentional effort to grow closer to God.

So take time today, to reflect, ponder, think, and pray about your spiritual targets for the New Year.

If you need help, figuring it out or have any questions, just hit me up here, and I'll be happy to help.

Stay tuned for Part 2...


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