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Kick in the Faith

 "Every once in awhile you need a good swift kick in the A**"  -  Pappy Dziedzic

When it comes to God in your life, sometimes you need a swift Kick in the Faith.

This is you place to get your kick. A sort of Catholic Personal Development for your success.  It may challenge you, inspire you or encourage you.  No matter what, don't stay stagnant.

Keep kicking!


Encouragement, Inspiration. Challenge.

Encourage yourself and others when needed.  Live to first inspire yourself and then others.  Challenge yourself daily, and challenge others to reach their potential.


In Their Words

Living the KITF life.

Kicking It Personally

Captivating... The audience is met where they are individually in their spiritual walk and are challenged to reach a higher level in their relationship with Christ. With an engaging energetic presence, coupled with great knowledge of Scripture and Church teaching, Coach D enables the audience to learn about and relate to Gods Word in a practical and exciting way! 
--Mike B

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"Great Food For Thought." - Carol S

"I’ve been meditating on your message here. It’s amazing... know that your messages do come across and have also reminded me we all are in a journey. Your faith and positive rants inspire and the not so positive ones make us reflect. I don’t think it’s been just entertainment."  - Dr. Vanessa G.

Lorianne R. - Principal

I just wanted to say thank you for a very enriching day.  Although I know they will all process it in their own way, I know for certain each one of them will walk away a little different.. I felt confident in the experience going in but at the end of the day, clearly saw the value and necessity of the time. It was exactly what I wanted for them!

Upcoming Events
Initiated Not Graduated
Thu, Apr 16
All Souls Catholic Church
Apr 16, 7:00 PM
All Souls Catholic Church, 3280 W 1st St, Sanford, FL 32771, USA
Don't fall into the stupidity trap of equating Confirmation with Graduation. Come experience this dynamic talk!